Allison. 21. Cali.
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Relapsing // Beartooth
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i pray there is

 Hahahahah yup ;)


people that can swim underwater in chlorine pools with their eyes open are not to be trusted

What why? I do that all the time 😁😳

29 July, 2014

Appearntly I’m dating a girl named Michelle, yeah I accidentally  became a lesbian on this game.. How can I fix this? Lol   #kimkardashian#kimkardashiangame
Anonymous: What city do you live in?

El centro, CA

29 July, 2014

I find it extremely sad that you’re still going at it. Lol it’s ok though, in the end you’re the one that’s gonna feel stupid.

29 July, 2014

Anonymous: Is it true your friend is a porn star

The fuck .. ? I know I don’t have many friends but how am I suppose to know who you’re speaking of ? Hahah

29 July, 2014

Anonymous: When are you and your bf moving in together? What kind of couches did you get I wanna move in with my bf but we aren't financially stable enough how did you know you were ready? Sorry to many questions

As far as exactly when, I’m not sure it all depends on when we find a nice apartment really because neither of us wanna move into an ugly place. We bought black leather couches, it’s a three piece set, so it has the main couch and then another one that is kinda round and another piece is 2 recliners with cup holders. Yeah me and my bf have been wanting to move in for a very very long time but it’s not until now that he’s job is secure that we can :) don’t rush it though just be patient and work hard at it and it’ll happen :)

29 July, 2014

I guess the dining table is next :)
Anonymous: What is your doctors appointment for ?

I don’t really feel comfortable sharing that with everyone right now. Sorry.

29 July, 2014